Freestyle integration into Blender

April 30, 2008

Freestyle: controller component reviewed

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I have just finished reviewing the app/ folder. I think that I get a rough idea of how things work in code, reproducing the basic steps from initializing the controller, opening a file, setting a style, computing the view map and rendering the strokes. From what I understand, I need to see how the Canvas class works in more detail, so I will do that tomorrow. I am keeping in mind that the first phase will make Freestyle independent from Qt, so all dependencies have to be looked at in detail.

Stéphane, I have surely overlooked but I haven’t been able to see the interactive shader window or the “Compute Steerable Viewmap” in Freestyle. Are they used in the Mac OS X version ? What are steerable view-maps ?


April 28, 2008

Issues/remarks from application process

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Remaining Freestyle bugs
The Freestyle BUGS.TXT mentions a list of remaining bugs. I have personally experienced crashes (not necessarily on big models) and some rare but incorrect silhouette calculations.
Stéphane: how do you want to deal with these bugs ? how about long-term maintenance ?

Mesh structure in Freestyle
This is not a question, just a note to myself. Jean-Luc mentioned that Blender uses an internal mesh structure called vlak (render/intern/include/renderdatabase.h: cf VlakTableNode) to render objects: every object (except strands) is converted to a vlak (triangles) before it is rendered.
I’ll have to see how this might interfere with Freestyle’s inner mesh structure: in the second phase, will I have to convert Freestyle’s mesh structure to vlaks ?

Friendly names for style API
We’ll maybe have to change some of the API’s method/class names, to make them more adapted to artists’ use. We could also ask some feedback from Blender users.

April 24, 2008

Fiat Lux

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After a day reinstalling Apache, PHP and MySQL, the blog is finally ready for consumption. I am going to transfer all of the information/questions/remarks we have gathered in the proposal phase on the blog. I should have this done by the end of the week-end.

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