Freestyle integration into Blender

May 6, 2008

Towards Freestyle's compilation… let the pain begin !

Filed under: Questions, Update — The dev team @ 5:47 PM

I just finished resolving the first set of dependency problems, compiling lib3ds and swig as independent external libraries. That is of course no real achievement… Nevertheless, this last two days were important for me, as I learned how to use Blender’s SCons building system in practice. I have a rough idea of how configuration, compilation and linking works.

Jean-Luc, I am going to follow your advice and set up an imbuf-based canvas remplacement. I am first going to study how it is used within Blender, and I’ll go from there.

You mentioned that I can use the compiled swig library as a binary. Can you show me how to do that ? I’ll need to run the equivalent of the following command: swig -c++ -python -o ModuleWrapper.cpp $<

I actually reverted back to my initial solution: I am compiling swig as a program, rather than a library. I also had to modify the BlenderProg function in to circumvent the .app creation process. I am aware this is a hack, but it’s temporary. When Freestyle becomes SWIG-free in phase 2, I’ll remove it.

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