Freestyle integration into Blender

May 11, 2008

Freestyle core compiled

Filed under: Update — The dev team @ 8:51 PM

I have successfully migrated all the Freestyle code directories (except the app/ folder), under my configuration. I also took care of resolving compiler warnings so Freestyle’s library should compile warning-free (under gcc4 at least). I replaced QImage by ImBuf and QString by the standard library string. For example, I changed QImage’s image construction QImage image(filename) to ImBuf *image = IMB_loadiffname(filename, flags). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to test if these code changes really work. Now that Freestyle’s core is compiled, I can move on to replacing the GUI controller-based execution.

As a note, jmsoler tried to compile the latest revision on a Win32 config and unfortunately, because the SConscript depends on the configure script to determine what files to compile, it doesn’t work. I just removed that dependency for lib3ds, but I’ll need to do the same for the swig compilation, which is also based on configure.

SWIG’s website gives (and recommends using) precompiled Win32 binaries. I added that win32 binary to my repository and changed swig’s SConscript to make a simple copy to the build directory in that case.

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