Freestyle integration into Blender

May 19, 2008

Stuck at the linking stage

Filed under: Questions, Update — The dev team @ 1:16 PM

I am currently at a halt because of linking issues: gcc cannot resolve the dependencies. Apparently, because of the current linking order, Imbuf functions within my module are not recognized and the final linking stage for the blender program fails. I spent the whole night yesterday trying every possible combination, but to no success. I have asked jesterKing to help me on this and because of compilation issues under Windows, we were not able to work on my current problem.

mfoxdogg also did a compilation under linux today and a few unexpected errors were found. Particularly, one error is pretty worrying: his configuration did not recognize the OpenGL glBlendEquation function. That’s of course totally out of my reach, I don’t expect to know how to correct and support these low-level issues. What should I do ? I asked him to comment the related parts but that’s of course a temporary solution.

I am going to wait for jesterKing’s feedback first. If you could try to compile the current revision and tell me what bugs/warnings/errors you encounter, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Jean-Luc, the problem was resolved tonight ! Jean-Luc analyzed the linking order and understood that regardless of the position of the imbuf library in the linking process, nothing would change. He then looked inside freestyle’s library and realized that Imbuf’s functions mangling names were of C++ type (while Imbuf is coded in C). By putting extern "C" {...} around Imbuf’s headers, gcc was able to find the functions in the libbf_imbuf.a library and linking is now working again. Now, I have to debug the Freestyle crash within Blender…

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