Freestyle integration into Blender

May 27, 2008

Style module execution works !

Filed under: Update — The dev team @ 2:34 PM

I think that I resolved most (all ?) of the Python/SWIG related issues today. First, I updated yesterday’s PythonInterpreter and Controller code to correctly initialize the interpreter and the canvas. Second, I managed to link the SWIG wrapper properly and the logs show that the different Python modules are correctly called. Unfortunately, because of my limited understanding of scons, I haven’t found a way to automatically create that SWIG library. In the mean time, it can be generated from source/blender/freestyle/intern/swig using the two commands found in the SWIG section of source/blender/freestyle/SConscript. As a note, the following configuration does not use SWIG to generate the wrapper. Once I am sure that it compiles on different platforms, I will remove the swig compilation step (in extern/freestyle/swig).

I hope that all Python bugs are already a thing of the past. From my understanding of Freestyle’s rendering pipeline, I am already halfway through the final rendering step (brush strokes have been generated by the style module execution). Tomorrow, I’ll take on the final part of that step, using the render window OpenGL context to render the strokes and display the result. I have no idea how easy it is going to be. I hope to have it finished in two days.

Once this is working, I’ll have to remove all the static information currently used (fixed model, fixed style module…) and replace it with the scene information. I hope that process will go smoothly.

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