Freestyle integration into Blender

July 15, 2008

Proof of concept for SWIG replacement

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I continued working on SWIG removal today. Even though I have no new class available, I improved the code quite a bit.

First, the Freestyle API classes are now (properly) available as module objects, instead of submodules. I had to incorporate object lifecycle-related methods. I first started adding a custom __new__ method. I understood later that the Python object type slot tp_new should be set to the standard PyType_GenericNew function, while it is __init__ that had to be customized (as is commonly the case for regular Python classes). I learned today that, by default, a PyTypeObject‘s tp_new slot is not available. It is crucial to define it for all base classes.

Second, I verified that my approach for replacing SWIG should work:

  • I wrap each C++ base class with a PyObject of the same name (stored in the corresponding object type’s tp_name slot): the PyObject just contains a pointer to an instance of that C++ class.
  • I redirect calls from Python to C++ by merely calling the corresponding methods on the C++ instance stored in the Python object.
  • I bring the data back to Python by converting the C++ result to the appropriate PyObject (see source/blender/freestyle/python/Convert.{h,cpp}).

As a proof-of-concept, I started implementing CurvePoint (Interface0D subclass). I added CurvePoint‘s initialization method, which sets the C++ Interface0D pointer if0D to the address of an instance of the C++ CurvePoint class. When I test an instance of each class with the getExactTypeName method, I obtain the proper result (their name !).

So far, BinaryPredicate0D, BinaryPredicate1D, Id, Interface0D and Interface1D have been implemented (they are available in Blender’s Python environment under Blender.Freestyle). I’ll update the blog again tomorrow to give you the list of available classes.


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