Freestyle integration into Blender

July 17, 2008

SVertex, CurvePoint migrated

Filed under: Update — The dev team @ 7:06 AM

I was unavailable yesterday so I could not advance on my work or give feedback. Sorry about that.

Today, I almost finished implementing the SVertex and CurvePoint today. It is not totally finished due to a problem (bug ?) with the CurvePoint(CurvePoint *iA, CurvePoint *iB, float t2d) constructor. I’ll see with Stéphane about the problem.

I corrected the Python classes to allow rich comparison, providing the ability to override the default comparison operators. I also modified the C to Python conversion utilities, allowing more general cases and better exception testing. I provided some of the classes with the __copy__ method (known as ‘dupplicate’ in Freestyle).

I have not ported the userdata variable in some classes yet, not really knowing if it should be given in the API. Also, whenever the API should provide a result as a set, I’ll provide it as a list. The reason is that the STL and Python PySet implementations differ greatly: the STL version is based on a binary search tree (you just need to define a operator< on the underlying type), while the Python one is hash-based (you need to associate a unique key to each element). It doesn’t really matter for our API: C++ will no matter what keep it as a set and assure the integrity. The list type will just be used for access.

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