Freestyle integration into Blender

October 31, 2008

No update yet

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Here is a quick post to answer questions about the progress of the project. First, I would like to thank all of you for your patience and your ongoing enthusiasm on the BA thread. Unfortunately, I do not have anything to present yet. The main reason is that I have been too busy with my work. I also don’t expect to find any significant amount of free time to work on the integration before the second half of November.

Besides time, the major challenge I am facing is the actual work, removing OpenGL from Freestyle. After some conversation with Ton and Jean-Luc a few weeks ago, I have understood that I need a better understanding of both Freestyle and Blender internals to make it happen. That is why I have been going over both source code bases, cataloging the different steps to replace. I spent the whole GSoC stressed out about the next deadline; it had an impact on the quality of the code and the design that I produced. I am trying to pay more attention to it now and that necessarily means a slow-down in the release of features. Another reason for the slow progress is that working with Blender’s internal renderer is no piece of cake. It is not documented well at all and there are many design decisions that I am unfamiliar with. Sadly, I have to find most of the information in the source code itself, and it is a slow process.

As a quick note, I merged Blender’s latest revision with my branch today. Note that if you use scons to build the software, you will need to upgrade it to the 1.0 version (at least).


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