Freestyle integration into Blender

December 1, 2008

Native stroke rendering

Filed under: Update — The dev team @ 9:57 PM

As of today, Blender’s internal renderer can composite Freestyle strokes on top of any other render result. That means Freestyle does not need an OpenGL context for rendering anymore: Freestyle strokes can now be visualized fullscreen or in the image editor without a crash. What a delight !

The complete list of changes for this 17671 revision is described in the commit log. The important information to remember is that:

  • the rendering is only correct (in the sense that strokes are correctly overlayed on top of models) if oversampling (OSA) is disabled and if the image is rendered in one tile (Xparts = Yparts = 1)
  • style modules using the underlying scene’s depth or color information  will NOT work.

You’ve been warned… Of course, I will work hard on correcting these vital two features in the days to come. Strokes now being integrated in the rendering pipeline, you do have enough room to experiment with your own style modules.

Here are simple results for this revision (the right column presents the strokes produced by the renderer);


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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is quite the day!!!!!!!!!! Maxime, thank you much, congratulations on such a rewarding result thus far on your hard work and continued effort. I have a big smile on!

    Comment by 3D — December 1, 2008 @ 11:55 PM

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