Freestyle integration into Blender

March 8, 2009

Weekly update March 2-8

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As announced in the BA thread, more regular weekly updates are anticipated in this blog.  We hope to keep you posted even when there is little or no progress in the development of the branch.   OK, let us get started — here’s the first weekly update in the period of March 2 through 8.  There were two improvements in the code base during this period.

  • An issue regarding render layers was fixed.  Now the Freestyle renderer builds a view map based on selected object layers in a render layer, instead of the global selection of object layers.  This allows, for example, to have two render layers, one for rendering solid faces of objects in all object layers, and the other for rendering outlines of objects in selected object layers by Freestyle.  At the moment, the number of Freestyle-enabled render layers is restricted to one — a better fix is in the future work.
  • An immediate crash due to execution failure of a style module was fixed.  Blender will keep running regardless of a syntax or runtime error during the execution of a style module.  This will ease the burden of debugging the style module when some errors are expected.  You have to be aware of error messages to be printed in the console.

As part of the weekly updates some test renders by branch users will also be presented.  The following image is a test render using that comes with Freestyle.  The style module was slightly modified so as to get thin strokes and material-based stroke color.

flores (thumbnail)
(Click the image to enlarge.)


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