Freestyle integration into Blender

May 31, 2009

Weekly update May 25-31

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This week, we worked on enabling the saving of the Freestyle configuration to file. So far, style parameters are saved correctly, but a bit more work is needed to save module paths. Once this is done, the branch will be updated, merging trunk from the 2.49 release into the branch.

We will then work on choosing Blender scripts (defined via the script editor) as style modules, instead of selecting them from disk. The advantages would be many:

  • style modules could be packaged directly into .blend files.
  • style modules could be configurable at runtime. That would permit the animation of module parameters, would simplify the creation of Freestyle UI scripts (like the ParameterEditor).
  • it would greatly simplify adding style module support in the compositor.

If anybody finds the lack of style module loading from file limiting, please let us know.


May 24, 2009

Weekly update May 11-24

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Both of us are wrapping up a month of intensive work, preventing us from doing any work on the branch . We should both be able to devote the much needed attention in the days/weeks to come. Thank you for your patience.

May 11, 2009

Weekly update May 4-10

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There were no code updates in the Freestyle branch in the period of May 4-10.

In the meantime, a nice render was contributed by FEDB from Japan.  The characters are those designed for the poster and flyer (by Obahan) for the Blender Party @ Tokyo, Japan 2009.  The strokes are made by with some parameter adjustment.  See the blog post on this render, in which a sophisticated edge rendering technique based on composite nodes is also exlorered. Thanks FEDB for sharing all the cool stuff!


May 4, 2009

Weekly update April 20 – May 3

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It has been two busy work weeks for the both of us. For that reason, the branch has not had any update in that time. We hope to bring new changes in the next two weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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