Freestyle integration into Blender

July 20, 2009

Weekly update July 13-19

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After a quiet period in the last few months, several commits were made to the Freestyle branch during the last week.  Some changes are simply for bug fixes (including a fix for the problem that the Freestyle panel may get stuck when a new file is created or an existing one is loaded), while the other updates are concerned with a long-standing issue of SWIG dependency removal.  For this latter purpose, introspection-based automatic type conversion from a generic type to a specific type was implemented in the Python layer.  In previous revisions, you had to manually convert a generic object (e.g. ViewVertex) to an appropriate specific object (e.g. TVertex) using castToSomething methods, and as some of you may have noticed, available casting methods were partial and broken.  Now, most Python objects you deal with in style modules are of appropriate types from the beginning, and you don’t have to cast objects by hand any more.  The work on this issue is still ongoing, and more updates are expected to follow.

Since the last weekly update, awesome pieces of art work have been presented in the BA Freestyle thread and other places.  One of those active Freestyle users is holly who has come up with nice looking still renders and animation clip using the Freestyle renderer.  A couple of still images are reproduced below, and more stuff can be found in holly’s WIP thread.  Thanks a lot for sharing the great work, holly!

holly1_tn holly2_tn


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