Freestyle integration into Blender

August 24, 2009

Weekly update August 17-23

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Out of all the suggestions put forward for Freestyle’s new name in Blender, robi’s proposal is my favorite and, in my humble opinion, the most compact and best representative: ‘Styline’, short for stylized line. It is more concise and precise than ‘NPR rendering’ (too vague, encompasses too many artistic styles) or ‘strokes’ (doesn’t really embody the process of shading/stylization and the fact that Freestyle operates on geometric line features). Styline is a descriptive noun that simplifies talking about layer composition (i.e. ‘stylines are rendered over hair strands’), impossible with the current Freestyle name.

We are still awaiting approval from Blender core developers to merge Freestyle into the 2.5 branch. The team is already busy integrating this year’s GSoC projects so we have to wait for a couple more days or weeks. In the meantime, we have already determined the areas that need to be modified for our branch to compile with the 2.5 codebase (especially making it Python 3.1 compatible).

As soon as we go ahead with the merge, we will let you know on the blog. Thank you for your understanding.

The renders of the week were offered by devroo, who has successfully imitated hand-written pencil and brush strokes in the output (left).  A screenshot of Blender (right) shows how multiple render layers are combined using the compositor.  Thanks devroo for sharing the cool results!

devroo_output_tn devroo_setting_tn


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  1. Hi guys,
    Congratulations for all you hard work, it’s amazing to see the Freestyle project live on, stronger than ever, and that’s all tks to you. It’s always a blast to see what the blender community is able to do with your brilliant new version of the soft, and Stephane and I certainly didn’t dare hope for such an outcome when we started toying about the idea of a GSoC… Good to see that some research projects actually make it to the “real world”! So, again, bravo!
    Even though I haven’t be super active and didn’t write much myself, I’ve been following the blog posts and various threads on the blender artists forums. I’m glad to see you’re strongly considering changing the names of most of Freestyle objects and operators, which are definitely way too cryptic and “researchy” (viewmap might be the worst of all, I’m sure we can come up with something more user-friendly), and maybe some naming conventions are a bit verbose (UnaryPredicate1D and the like). I’m not familiar with blender’s python API, it may be nice to try to match its style for the Freestyle (or should I say Stylines ;) ) API. Anyway, I’ll gladly give my 2 cents on this topic.


    PS: my initial post was much longer and dealt with other topics, but tks to my emacs reflexes I hit ctrl-W — precisely to copy what I wrote and not lose everything, should I happen to accidentally close the pane — Grrrrr, stupid stupid me…

    Comment by emmanuel — August 25, 2009 @ 2:28 PM

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