Freestyle integration into Blender


This blog is used to communicate about the integration of Freestyle, an NPR line drawing software created by Stéphane Grabli and Emmanuel Turquin, into Blender, the famous open source 3D creation suite.


Maxime Curioni

Maxime Curioni is a French software engineer based in California. He completed his engineering degree at Télécom ParisTech in Paris, France. He also spent three years in Beijing, China, receiving a Master of Engineering in Computer Science & Technology from Tsinghua University. He is interested in many fields of computer science, particularily areas related to visual computing and web development.

He was selected for the 2008 edition of Google Summer of Code, to integrate Freestyle into Blender. Ever since the start of the project, he has been aware of the level of expectation from the Blender community. Now that the GSoC is over, Tamito and he will do their best to finish implementing the features of the original proposal and continue to move the project to new heights.

Tamito Kajiyama

Tamito Kajiyama (also known as T.K.) is a computer scientist who works as a researcher in a university in Portugal.  His favorite pastime is to write computer programs to do some useful things, and that’s why he is a long-time member of the free software community.  Free software products he developed in the past include JapaneseCodecs (Python extension for transcoding between Unicode and legacy Japanese character encodings), ninix (Python-based clone of a desktop mascot program), and several add-on packages for Skencil (Python-based vector drawing program, formerly known as Sketch).  Together with Maxime, he now takes part in the Freestyle integration into Blender.


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