Freestyle integration into Blender


Maxime Tamito
Now – May 2:
style modules loaded from file or defined via the script editor
Now – June 30:
rewrite the SWIG-like Python API and make it more Pythonic.
May 3 – May 23:
prevent geometry import at every frame
start documenting the API, add artist tutorial
July 1 – July 15:
rewrite the existing style modules according to the new Python API.

July 16 – July 31:
make more style modules work.

Here is a list of things we will work on eventually:

  • improving the robustness and speed of the view map computation
  • creating test units to track how style modules are affected by branch commits
  • trying to integrate the view map and style modules in the compositor
  • allow strokes to be textured, either via Blender texture objects or directly in the style module

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